We work with our traders.

We understand their experience, risk tolerance and overall expectations. We work with brokers and clients on various rebate programs and cash bonuses, just for using us as your referral source.

We are very experience in the Automated Forex trading or High Frequency Trading (HFT), through various API/platform connections, as well as deep knowledge of the highly competitive Metatrader platform marketplace and provide top tier customer service and free Cloud hosting services to premium members.

  • Account Opening with matched Forex Brokers
  • Professional support services beyond Tier II
  • Rebate and Reward program enrollment

When it comes to Forex trading we work on providing you the best scenario we are able to find. Finding the right broker for you is essential to your trading success. There are enough Forex brokers to choose from and we make sure that we’re working with the right partner.

Traders often require professional consulting from an unbiased 3rd party, in order to identify and resolve issues as well as provide resolution assistance for disputes.

We match you with rebate and bonus programs with the Broker and plan that fits you. A bonus program such as ours can greatly improve your trading.


With all the options of self directed or managed accounts, traders need the proper acumen and trading plan. If you are in need of a managed account (LPOA), we will work with you on finding the right match.

Security and Accessibility are the key focus points with our technology solutions for managed hosting and security services. We have VPS locations across the globe and can deploy any range of instances in minutes.



We here at SimonFX are committed to helping our clients achieve their highest potential. We take Forex trading seriously and you will too. With our help, we expect your trading regiment to take a significant step into the right direction with a new trading system in place -automatically or manually, makes no difference to us!