• Dispute Resolution
• Rebate Generation
• Money Management

For retail traders, we offer a range of services around us being your Introducing broker. What is an IB? We have an entrepreneurial approach and want to focus on expanding your knowledge and support for your trading activities. We help in facilitating the success of your Forex trading with the tools you need. Competitive clearing rates matched with appropriate trading platforms and covered by professional dispute resolution, is just a small taste of the services that are offered by SimonFX. Our experienced knowledgeable staff is available to support every aspect of the FX and commodities business.

  • Account Opening advisory
  • Platforms, Hosting (Cloud/VPS), Automated Trading
  • Rebates and Rewards program matching


• Compliance and Regulatory
• Technology
• Sales & Marketing

SimonFX has the resources and experienced manpower to meet the demands of our Institutional Partners. Our staff listens, collects and offers the right guidance around all aspects of Compliance, Tech and Sales, which meets specific criteria for trading. If there is a interest in testing other options, demonstrations are available for all trading platforms. We provide back end consulting services for organizations in need of technology upgrades and continued support. We provide a 3rd party perspective on the marketing and sales efforts of an organization and are able to contrast and compare between the two.

  • Liquidity for FX and other instruments
  • Compliance and Regulation support (corporate setups)
  • Marketing and Sales support.


We here at SimonFX are committed to helping our clients achieve their highest potential. We take Forex trading seriously and you will too. With our help, we expect your trading regiment to take a significant step into the right direction with a new trading system in place -automatically or manually, makes no difference to us!